The Risk of Creating Something Good


We find meaning in our lives when we create something good in and with our lives in a way that is meaningful and valuable to others. And this desire to do something with our life by using our unique skills, talents, passions, and abilities, is embedded within every human being.

There are many ways to create something meaningful with your life that can be satisfying and fulfilling to you and valuable and meaningful to others.

Here’s a very small list of some people I admire for the good that they have created in their lives:
The Piano Guys, Jon Schmidt and Steven Nelson
Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning
Celeste Mergens founder of Days For Girls
Tim Ballard founder of O.U.R Rescue
Emily Wright one of the founders of doTERRA, Co-Impact Sourcing, and Healing Hands
Shirley Noble my high school Health Occupation Teacher
The writers and producers of the show Madam Secretary

The thing is, there is are so many ways in which we can be involved in creating good in the world.

However, there is one thing that seems inevitable as you work towards creating good in your life that is necessary to be aware of, and that is that resistance and opposition will come. You see, it’s comfortable being in a position of low visibility and low impact. It’s comfortable doing things that won’t draw a lot of attention to yourself or that make you stand out. It’s comfortable to not push yourself out of your comfort zone. And it’s not fun to risk failure. And in creating something good with your life, all of these bridges must be crossed.

I recently read the beautiful historical fiction book The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I walked away from the book changed. Like a trusted friend, I let that story into my heart, and I’m glad I took the risk to listen. It was a hard story to hear.

The author takes you right into the home of a woman living in France during the years that the Germans occupied her country and her town. In the beginning, she chooses a life that she thought was safe. She kept her head down and did as she was told. But after living that oppressive life and realizing that her efforts to live a “safe” life was in conflict with her integrity, she gradually came to the decision that it would be better to die while doing good than to live supporting that which she so vehemently opposed….even if it meant death for her…and her daughter. That book left me with a resolute determination to stop sacrificing my opportunity to create something good with my life. I don’t want the fear of rejection, failure, and discomfort to push me down causing me to live small.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious about the unknown. Take this blog, for example, if I keep writing, it’s possible that one day I will receive hate mail or angry comments. I might be attacked, misunderstood, or misrepresented.

If you are going to do something good with your life, you are taking a risk. There is a risk in taking a stand for that which you believe. A life guided by integrity and values will cause waves at some point. Think of Rosa Parks. She took a risk. Creating something good with your life does not guarantee that it will all work out. And if you are going to create something good with your life you can count on opposition, setbacks, heartaches, being disliked, failure, and discouragement.

We all will encounter those moments where we have to decide for ourselves if what we want to create with our lives is worth the cost.


Photo: Tim Ballard, Founder of O.U.R O.U.R Official Website

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