Him?! Are you sure?

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Christians have grown up hearing the stories about how Christ was rejected by His own. It was the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the Nazarenes who hardest time seeing Him as capable of being the Man that He proclaimed. The people who watched Him as He grew up struggled to see Him as more than just an ordinary person. And I’m sure He was a good kid, one that most parents would have loved their children to be friends with. I would imagine that during His early years He was generally liked and accepted by His neighbors.

So why was it so hard for His fellow Nazarenes to see Him as someone who was great? Why do we have a hard time seeing those we personally know as capable of greatness? Why is it that those who are closest to us are the ones that we have the hardest time acknowledging their valuable contributions to society?

What is it about knowing someone that limits our ability to see something good coming from them?

Why is it hard for us to see the kid that went to high school with us as one who is capable of being a trusted doctor? Why do we minimize the achievements of those we know well?

Why are we more willing to see a stranger as being capable of significant achievements but not our next door neighbor?