Emotional Hide and Seek

bare feet boy child couch


“You’re like so many people, just hiding, waiting to be found.”

“What does that mean?”

“Hide and seek. You played it as a kid, right?”


“If you were like me, your competitive side wanted to find the best hiding place ever, somewhere no one would ever think to look, a place from which you could emerge triumphant after all the other kids had been found.”


“The problem is that hiding can also be boring, empty, lonely, even scary. True?”

“I guess.”

“I remember sometimes, in the middle of the game, starting to panic a bit as the minutes ticked by and the other hiders were discovered and released one by one. You’re no different, Taj. I think the softer side of everyone simply wants desperately to be found, to be accepted, to belong. So quit holding back. Quit hiding. Reveal your true self. Let Taj Rowland be found.”

The Orphan Keeper, by Camron Wright