Love Your Enemy, even the one that robs you when you get off the subway.

commuter commuting late lost

I don’t think that when the Savior said, “Love your enemies and do good to them that hate you (Matthew 5:44),” that He was counseling us to become self-abnegating acquiescent individuals to anyone seeking spitefully to take advantage of us for their gain.

I don’t think “loving your enemy,” or even just loving that person who is hard to love, is simply a nonconfrontational behavior in which you suppress your resentment and anger while trying to create the appearance (and convince yourself) that your lack of response is you “loving your enemy.” Loving your enemy is not a lack of response.

So what does it mean to “love your enemy?”

The Savior often used stories to help others understand on a deeper level the meaning of simple phrases like “love your enemy.” Here is a story that I think illustrates what it means to love your enemy.

Juilo Diaz sharing his story the night he was robbed