Education and Reaching our Potential: Interview With Eva Witesman

person holding compassEvery one of us is here to grow and develop. What’s important is that we find the path that is going to develop our spiritual capacity. None of this is about the money you make or the prestige you have or the committees that you’re on. Those are the wrong metrics. This is all about growing spiritually. As long as you’re getting stronger, that’s the point. Spiritually stronger and more capable, building more character. That’s what really matters.  

 — Eva Witesman

Eva Witesman

WitesmanEvaWitesman, an expert in evidence-based innovation and strategy, has worked as an educational software designer and a self-employed nonprofit management consultant, focusing her efforts on public and nonprofit sectors. In 2009 she became an assistant professor of public management at the BYU Marriott School of Business.

Eva Witesman has authored or coauthored over twenty-four publications and presented more than forty lectures, workshops, and presentations. She has been awarded Teacher of the Year by the Master of Public Administration Association, the Chancellor’s Fellowship by Indiana University, and is a Stewart Grow Fellow of the Marriott School of Business. Witesman is also a member of many associations, including the American Evaluation Association, the Academy of Management, the American Society for Public Administration, the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, and the Public Management Research Association.

Eva Witesman received her MPA from Indiana University in 2004. After a hiatus—during which her husband, Owen, interned in Finland—she continued her education and received her Ph.D. in public management and policy analysis in 2009, also at Indiana University.

In this interview, one of the questions I asked Eva Witesman was this: I believe that we each have the responsibility to define our own life and to choose the path that we will take. What advice would you give to a woman to help her as she tries to define her own path? What kind of advice would you give to someone struggling to make sense of education, careers, and motherhood?

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BYU Speeches – Eva Witesman 

The Lord has more in mind for you than you have in mind for yourself! You have been reserved and preserved for this time and place. … The Lord needs you to change the world. As you accept and follow His will for you, you will find yourself accomplishing the impossible!       –Russell M. Nelson

Accomplishing the Impossible: What God Does, What We Can Do (2015), 147.