The Christian Doormat?

Neal A. Maxwell said, “Meekness is both misunderstood and even despised.” I think meekness is despised partly because it is misunderstood. Meekness is seen as something that is weak and is too often synonymous with being a doormat.

Virtues such as meekness, humility, forgiving others, patience, obedience, submissiveness, turning the other cheek, mercy, compassion, sacrifice, have distorted meanings associated with them that make them confusing to understand and undesirable.

When these truths are twisted it encourages Christians to be doormats, portraying it as something that is good and noble. The misconceptions of virtues limit an individual’s growth by keeping them weak. If one takes hold of these twisted truths, it will significantly limit their potential, happiness, relationships, and their ability to create goodness in and with their lives.

Being an individual of strong moral character is not about being a good doormat.