Integrity for Your Beliefs

I respect those who are willing to stand up and own their views and perspectives even when it differs from others’ views and beliefs.

Whenever we make the move to share our views and thoughts and beliefs whether it be in one on one conversation, in a group, or even in a setting such as Facebook, we are making ourselves susceptible to the opposition and even attacks of others. It is not a “safe” thing to make known your views, especially when there are such divisions and confusions surrounding various views and topics. But I admire those who are willing to expose themselves and make clear their views and beliefs. It is a characteristic that I admire. Not to fight, not to content, not to push down the views of others or belittle them, not to say “you’re wrong and I’m right”, but to simply say: this is what I see, this is what I believe, this is my perspective, and I am willing to own it in a way that makes it clear to others where I stand, rather than own it quietly so as to not risk my reputation.

We all need to come out of the closet, so to speak and be willing to unapologetically stand up for what we believe. It takes bravery. Bravery is leaning into fear not the absence of fear. Share our views with respect and listen to the views of others with respect. Listen to understand not to find the “flaws” in their thinking. Be brave enough to share your views and be brave enough to make room for the differing views of others. Choose not to feel threatened, choose not to feel attacked.

It’s not a fight over who can get the most followers to like your views. It’s about respect for self and respect for others. But perhaps the hardest part isn’t the sharing of your view, perhaps the hardest part is to make room for someone else’s view whose is different than yours.