Some Thoughts On My Faith

I don’t question my faith. I feel at peace with my religious beliefs. But I do often wonder as of late: What if I had been brought up in a different religion that also fostered goodness and encouraged the development of a good character and taught the value of acting with virtue and integrity? Would I be as loyal to that faith as I am to mine? Would I also feel a sense of comfort with that faith? Would I also feel no need to look elsewhere for something more, something different?

In part I believe my contentment with my religion is because it is teaches true principles and doctrine and has legitimate authority to act in God’s name. In sharing my belief and view that I belong to the one true Church, I am not suggesting that there has never been error within the organization my Church. Nor do I suggest that those who share my faith, including myself, are always respectable beings. Yes I do believe that I belong to the one true faith, no I do not think that the Church and the people are infallible. After all, is it accurate to measure the validity of truth by those who profess to believe it?

August 21, 2019

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