Why I Write

My goal isn’t to win some sort of imaginary debate. I want to develop my ability to artfully articulate my thoughts. And I want to develop my ability to create a good argument and using sound reasoning in my discussions. But my focus in developing these skills isn’t so that I can convince and persuade you to take my view.

I invest a lot of time thinking and researching differing perspectives. I spend a lot of time analyzing and evaluating my perspective. And I am invested in finding the perspective that I see the most truth in. But still, my goal isn’t to think for you, rather my goal is to inspire you to think for yourself. 

My hope isn’t to get you to believe what I believe or to get you to see it my way. I do want to articulate my view so that you can see and understand them. My goal is to speak clearly. But I don’t measure the success of an article by if I was able to convince and persuade you by the end that my view and argument is the right perspective and the right way of thinking. Far from it.

I measure the success of my writing by if I have been able to entice you to think more deeply upon a topic. My writing is successful if it has to lead you to look at something from a different view or to consider a different perspective. I have been successful in my writing if I have caused you to reflect on what you believe. My writing is successful if I have caused you to evaluate your perspective. I am successful if through my writing I have motivated you to look for truth and to think for yourself.

I’m not writing to get you to question and doubt your beliefs and views, I’m writing to encourage you to think about your beliefs and your views. I write to encourage thoughtful reflection. I hope that through my writing others will understand and consider a different view from their own. 

My goal is to provide reasonable conclusions for why I take a specific view on something. I want to present and articulate a persuasive argument. I personally am pushing myself to think deeply about different issues and why I think the view that I stand by is the most right view. And I push myself to choose a view. But I don’t see myself as the lawyer standing in a courtroom, trying to convince the judge and the jury that I have the right view.

I do believe in the views that I write about, but I also believe that my perspective is not whole, complete, perfect, and flawless. 

And mostly, I write for me. I write to understand. I write to think. I write to process. I write because I find it satisfying and fulfilling. I write because I love to.

December 16, 2019

Time writing this thought: 1 hour

Total time writing on this blog: 169 hours