Farewell for a time

Three or four years ago I wrote a book titled The Christian Doormat. It’s a book where I explored and talked about the conflicting views around being meek, patient, forgiving, humble, and turning the other cheek. To often choosing to be a “good Christian” is confused with accepting imprisonment as a doormat. After all, is it even possible to turn the other cheek without becoming a doormat?

Over the years I have tried to unravel the seemingly complicated ideas around these “doormatish” behaviors and prove that when these behaviors are driven by virtue, they are not cowardliness acts of weakness, but rather honorable and courageous acts. The tricky thing is that not acts of submission, for example, are virtuous, but some are. I am very interested in understanding when patience, meekness, submission, ect.. are virtuous and when they are not. When is it virtuous to turn the other cheek? When is it morally honorable to be meek?

So that book I wrote, The Christian Doormat, wasn’t very good. The concept has the power to make an incredible book, but I just wasn’t ready to write it yet. The book, in my opinion, was too “preachy” and resembled a text book. It had information but no heart.

Happily I’ve stumbled across a story that I have to write. So, now my plan is to talk about the ideas of the “Christian Doormat” though a historical fiction story that starts in the Highlands of Scotland.

I’ve been buried in a book called Stories of the Highland Clearances by Alexander Mackenzie, and another book just arrived today called Gloomy Memories in the Highland of Scotland by Donald McLeod. I’ve been studying maps and learning about the Clan system and what fodder, crofts, and cockles are. It’s fun and fulfilling and satisfying. I’m currently working on the outline for the book and I’m digesting and putting into practice the tips from many of authors from Master Class.

It might seem like a depressing rather than inspiring quote, but I love these words from Chuck Jones and find them oddly encouraging:

Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.

― Chuck Jones

Will this book be the next Lion Witch and the Wardrobe? Most likely not. Let’s be honest, I’m a young writer (not necessarily young in age, but young in experience) but I’m falling in love with this process (even if there are moments I’d like to see my progress happen at a quicker pace). Will this story get published? The odds are very slim. But I hope that on the other side of this story I am a better writer and a better person, and if so I will consider this story a success.

So farewell for now as I devote all my writing time to this book, I’ll still be writing, in fact I’ll be writing a lot more than I currently am, I just won’t have anything to share for awhile, but I hope to share what I’ve created with you soon.

February 9, 2020

Time writing this blog post: about 30 minutes give or take

Total time writing on this blog: 178 hours

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