Historical People and Titles

This is another one for my notebook and compost heap. This is the rough outline of a historical fiction novel I started, but have decided not to proceed with. I love historical fiction, and the ones that I respect and admire typically are written by an author who has spent many many years researching the history. Traveling this path for awhile (I’ve poured many many hours into this project) I’ve learned something about myself, I’m not really an aspiring historical fiction writer. The thing that speaks the to me are moral and ethical issues. This is one reason I am so drawn to historical fiction, but developing my skills as a historical fiction writer is not the direction I want to go.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to make public all my notes and story outline that I’ve created so far about this story I wanted to write. You can find them all under the category “James MacAvoy.” I hope that someone will write an inspiring historical fiction novel about the Highland Clearance. There’s some out there, I haven’t read any of them yet.

Historical People

James Loch – Commissioner for the Marchioness of Stafford and heiress of Sutherland

Earl of Selkirk – allured many of the evicted people to emigrate to his estate on the Red River in British North America. A whole ship-cargo of them went.

Patrick Sellar – factor

William Young – a successful corn-dealer and land improver. Went in debt improving land in Morayshire called Inverugie. But his ability to improve the land won him praise in the north. The Stafford family, who wanted to improve their Highland estate, sought him for his skills and knowledge. He became a commissioner on the Sutherland property.

Banmhorair Chataibh – Duchess of Sutherland

Alexander MacKenzie – Scottish historian, author, magazine editor, and politician

Mr Donald Ross – went from Glasgow to Greenyard to investigate the case of the police brutality which occurred on March 31, 1854

Sheriff MacLeod– ordered his army to fire upon the women who met them at the entrance of the glen to resist the summonses of removal

John Robertson – journalist

Huge Miller – journalist

Elizabeth Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland

Mr. Rose – a factor of Ross, a notorious Dingwall solicitor

Murdo Munro– January 1882 (p. 71 of Stories of the Highland Clearances) evicted, led the people in their opposition to Mr. Pirie’s proceedings

Rev. John MacMillian – laid the case of his evicted parishioners before the public in 1880 (Leckmelm, Lochbroom, Ross, Scotland) also (p.68 of Stories of the Highland Clearances)

Historical Titles

Lord Advocate for Scotland  is the chief legal officer of the Scottish Government and the Crown in Scotland for both civil and criminal matters that fall within the devolved powers of the Scottish Parliament.


Pauper A pauper is a recipient of relief under the provisions of the Poor Law or of public charity, or a person having no property or means of livelihood; a person dependent on the charity of others.


Tacksmen was the holder of a lease or “tack” from the landowner, subletting the land to lesser tenants



Day labourer

Proprietor owner of property, such as Mr. Pirie, who bought Leckmelm of Lochbroom or Ross.