Notes in my Notebook, aka: Compost Heap

Transparent disclaimer: [Actually, I’m not sure I love the word “disclaimer” for this situation. Disclaimer makes it sound like something I’m apologizing for something and I’m not apologizing, just trying to clarify.]

This Blog is unique in the sense that it’s more like a writer’s notebook than it is a writer’s showcase of their writings. Not all things I post will be particularity interesting to read unless one day I become insanely famous and well-known for my writing. If today someone came across some of Alexandre Dumas’ or Charles Dickens’ old notebooks that were full of incomplete thoughts, stories with a dead end, and short snippets of ideas here and there, we would treasure it and love it and comb through every page of it and publish it…you get the idea. The thing is, we would treasure that now, but no one would have treasured it then, expect for a mother.

This blog is where I put all my thoughts, writing exercises, projects, attempted projects because it’s easy for me to keep them organized and I prefer a digital notebook more than a paper notebook.

So some of the things I post…and now I am finally getting around to my transparent unapologetic disclaimer…are not really inspired writings as they are notes in my notebook. And while they might be valuable, they might also be boring to read. These notes are my compost heap.

April 1, 2020

Time writing: 30 minutes

Total time writing on this blog: 200 hours and 30 minutes


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