What’s in the Name

Listen to six individuals share their views on whether Universities should change the names of their buildings.

Three women, three men, different faiths, ages 24-60, one black, five white.

Currently, there are many petitions throughout the country petitioning a name change of University buildings if the building is named after an individual that was a slave owner. Should all individuals who owned slaves, regardless of the time period in which they did so and regardless of the “type” of slave owner they were, have their names removed from significant buildings?

Why change the name of someone or something? When is it valuable to change a name, and when should the name remain? What kind of impact, good or bad, does changing a name make?

The intent of this podcast is not to advocate for a particular position but to foster critical thinking around challenging topics by considering and respecting the differing views of others.


  1. Kami Orange
  2. Adam Hiné
  3. Joe Burns
  4. Anna Phelps
  5. Athena Parker
  6. David Bean

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A great article I came across about this topic:

How do you decide when a statue must fall?