When We Lose Motivation To Pursue Our Passion

Shouldn’t we be motivated to do the things we enjoy even if it has no meaningful impact on others or is valued by others? For example, what about an artist who loves to paint but after many attempts never has any luck/success selling her paintings or getting them noticed and recognized or even just appreciated by others. What about a musician who wants to share their music but never gets a chance to play for an audience? What about a writer whose writing never moves another soul? What about a magician who loses interest in learning magic tricks because it’s no fun to learn a magic trick that no one ever sees? It seems that at some point we derive pleasure in our desires when they have a meaningful impact on others. But when our writing, our music, our art, our magic trick have no meaningful impact or are not valued or appreciated by others we start to lose motivation in pursuing our desires. Do you think this means that our motivation is driven by a dependency on validation from others and not a true organic desire to pursue our desires?  If you really love to write or sing or paint, shouldn’t it NOT matter if your work never has a meaningful impact or is valued or appreciated by others? Shouldn’t that NOT cause you to lose motivation to pursue your desires?